Small Group Electives

Christians of the early church enjoyed community. The members of the early church cared for each other, prayed for each other, and helped each other in time of need. Simply put, they did the Christian life together. They grew in their faith together and had authentic relationships with one another.

Our small group electives are simply designed to develop authentic relationships around the Word of God. We know that life is hard. However, when you’re surrounded by people who love you and have the same goals, it is much easier to get through the difficult times that life may bring your way. Come out and enjoy a true sense of community, fellowship and friendship. Our small group electives meet in different homes on Wednesday evenings at 7:00. Below you will find a list of the current electives being offered. 

Many Christians are hounded by fear, guilt, and discouragement. They open the Bible and see only condemnation. They struggle with trying to be “good enough” – knowing they fail regularly. Many just give up in despair and walk away -never to enjoy the real, grace-based relationship that Jesus offers. 

In this compelling study, you will learn what real Christianity is all about. Embrace the grace, endure the struggle and enjoy the relationship of truly knowing Jesus!

Group Leader – Pastor Eric

When Jesus chose His first disciples, He didn’t choose spiritual giants. He chose ordinary people of the day to accomplish His work. Men like Peter.

But over three and a half years of grace-filled investments, Jesus transformed Peter from a spiritually immature, often petty, faithless and outspoken man into the bold preacher of the gospel and early church leader that he became. How did Jesus do it? And does He still so completely change the lives of His followers today? Find out in this compelling character study of the Apostle Peter.

Group Leader – Nathan Gebala