Small Group Electives

Our small group electives are simply designed to develop authentic relationships around the Word of God. We know that life is hard. However, when you’re surrounded by people who love you and have the same goals, it is much easier to get through the difficult times that life may bring your way. Come out and enjoy a true sense of community, fellowship and friendship. Our small group electives meet in different homes on Wednesday evenings at 7:00. Below you will find a list of the current electives being offered. 

Most people get married with the assumption that marriage itself is the destination. But somewhere along the way, couples discover that it’s more of a journey. Rather than being a dream-destination island of unending bliss, they quickly learn that marriage is more like a long road trip—the kind where yes, they’re anticipating the arrival and creating some memories, but still find that they’re dealing with the realities of a messy car, motion sickness, and an empty gas tank.

This series brings biblical principles, fresh insight, and helpful tips, no matter what part of the journey couples are on. This series will help clarify the destination, refuel the gas tank, replenish the snack cooler, and wash those bugs off the windshield to reveal a God-given perspective that can change and strengthen any marriage.

Group Leader – Pastor Eric Duenke

Relationships are God’s precious gifts to us and the channel through which we communicate His love.The reality of relationships in today’s society, however, strays far from this ideal. Homes become more like battlegrounds than bastions of refuge. As believers, we are not isolated individuals but members of the body in Christ with specific roles to play in ministering to one another.

In this elective, discover powerful truths from the “one another” passages of the New Testament and learn God’s divine plan for cultivating healthy, godly relationships.

Group Leader – Chad Lay


If there were ever a group of people who truly made a difference, it was the first-century Christians!  In this elective, we will walk through the pages of the New Testament book of Acts. 

On this journey, we will uncover thirteen characteristics that enabled a common group of people to accomplish an uncommon difference in their world. And we will examine our own lives to determine how we might implement those same characteristics, so that we may make a difference!

Group Leader – Nathan Gebala